Maya McLaughlin ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac, MISAP,AMICAN
Maya Canine Behaviourist                   
 Always choose a trainer who loves what they do

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                                                  Why Choose Me?

My name is Maya McLaughlin, Canine Behaviourist & Trainer and I work on a one-to-one basis with all breeds of dog,  most often in the dog's own home space, to help manage and ultimately replace all kinds of unwanted behavioural issues.

In terms of dog behaviour one size does not fit all so each dog should be assessed individually for an accurate assessment to take place.

My Very Good Boys Kai (left) and Nutty (right)


1st & 2nd Degree Level Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing (Animals)
Emotional Healing for Dogs (Cert)
Canine Behaviour (Dip)
Canine Aggression (Dip, Mer)
Care & Welfare of the Senior Dog (Dip, Dist)
Foundations of Canine Behaviour Management (Dip, Dist)
Advanced Canine Behaviour Management (Ongoing)

My recent client list includes:

                 Some of these names have been changed to protect the guilty!

Hector:  Dogue de Bordeaux with PTSD who pinned his owner up against a wall

Mila:       French Bulldog puppy who required rules, boundaries and how to learn to behave

Glasto:   Gentle Collie cross who learned to bite as a way of defending herself

Romeo:  Dapper white Chihuahua who came for special training so he could be                              ringbearer at his Mum’s wedding

So as you can see my work ranges from the  last-chance-saloon dogs to the cute and quirky although in general my K9 clients fall somewhere in between these extremes and the most common cases of behavioural issues I am asked to address are:


Pulling on leash

Poor recall

Anxieties, fears & phobias


Puppy training

Dog behaviour is a progressive science and my practice uses only positive reinforcement techniques which address the whole of the dog; mind, body and emotions. The aim  is not to instill old-school blind obedience  but to understand, manage and ultimately help the dog to replace unwanted behaviours with more positive traits with a rock solid foundation which will stay with him for the whole of his life.

REMEMBER that K9 remedial work  cannot always be a quick fix but sometimes it can - and sometimes good work can be spoiled by trying to move on too quickly. The key to success is always to go at the dog's own pace.

One of my clients recently described my practice in a nutshell as 'working with dogs too naughty to go to classes' and whilst not strictly accurate (on the naughty aspect anyway)  I will take it! Thanks Annie!




If you are looking for a gift for a dog-owning friend, relative or neighbour that is both thoughtful and useful why not consider a Gift Certificate from Maya Canine Behviourist

Gift Certificates are now available to the value of £5.00, £10.00, £20.00 and £50.00 and are redeemable against the cost or partial cost of a behavioural session. Contact for details.