Maya Rae McCallum MISAP 

Helping dogs and people stay together


                                                  Why Choose Me?

My name is Maya Rae McCallum, Canine Behaviourist & Trainer and I work on a 1:2:1 basis with all breeds of dog in the dog's home  environment  to help manage and ultimately replace all kinds of unwanted canine behaviour.

In terms of dog behaviour one size does not fit all so each dog must be assessed individually for an workable solution to be found.

My client list has included:

          Some of these names have been changed to protect the guilty!

Hector:  Dogue de Bordeaux with PTSD who pinned his owner up against a wall

Mila:       French Bulldog puppy who required rules, boundaries and how to learn to behave

Glasto:   Gentle Collie cross who learned to bite as a way of defending herself

Romeo:  Dapper white Chihuahua who came for special training so he could act as   ringbearer  at his Mum's wedding                       

So as you can see my work ranges from the  last-chance-saloon dogs to the cute and quirky although in general my canine clients fall somewhere in between these extremes and the most common cases of behavioural issues I am asked to address are (but are not limited to):


Pulling on leash

Poor recall

Anxieties, fears & phobias


Puppy training

Dog behavioural management is a progressive science, the purpose of which   is not to instil blind obedience  but to understand, manage and ultimately assist a dog to replace unwanted behaviours with more positive traits

REMEMBER that canine behavioural management cannot always be a quick fix but sometimes it can - and sometimes good work can be spoiled by trying to move on too quickly. The key to success is always to go at the dog's own pace.

One of my clients  described my practice in a nutshell as 'working with dogs too naughty to go to classes' and whilst not strictly accurate (on the naughty aspect anyway)  I will take it! Thanks Annie!

Terms & Conditions of My Service

  • To safeguard the welfare of the client and the dog at all times.
  • To avoid any behaviour which may appear to violate professional boundaries.
  • To use professional knowledge, research and experience to create a bespoke behavioural programme for every dog.
  • To avoid prejudice against any person or group for any reason including but not limited to origin, gender, age or ability.
  • To avoid prejudice against any standard of dog for any reason including but not limited to breed, background, age or   ability.
  • To uphold and increase competency of skills in order to continue to provide a quality and responsible service.
  • To provide clear and timely reports and accurate record keeping where appropriate.
  • To advise clear details of session costs.
  • Never to recommend a product if unsure it will benefit the dog and that I am suitably qualified to make such a recommendation.
  • To keep accurate records of any complaints and actions taken in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
  • To carry the appropriate insurance corresponding to my business at all times.

In Return I Ask

  • Payment may be made either by BANK TRANSFER or by CASH  only prior to or at the time of session
  • Any still photos taken of dogs during training are for instructional/promotional use and may be used in social media or on the website for this reason. However videos taken of dogs will be sent only to the client and will not be published on any media forum without the client’s prior consent.
  • Dogs should not be fed a heavy meal prior to training. If he is hungry a small ration can be given 30-minutes beforehand with the remainder of his meal after the session is over.
  • Dogs should not be heavily exercised before a session; a short round-the-block walk or a brief game of fetch to stretch the legs is fine but keep any major exercise until after training.
  • Dogs with the propensity to bite must be muzzled during session.
  • Children are always welcome in 1-2-1 sessions. However child safety is of the utmost importance and whilst I am committed to teaching children how to engage with dogs safely, if a child is likely to become bored or fractious during a session please ensure there are other activities lined up for them to do whilst I demonstrate and explain exercises. I will not train with a child of any age if the child is unwilling to learn – the risk is just too great. Equally parents should be fully committed to any training process in order for a child to do the same.

All my work is humane and kind

I will never create a behavioural programme of work for your dog which I would not use on dogs of my own