Maya McLaughlin ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac, MISAP,AMICAN
Maya Canine Behaviourist                   
 Always choose a trainer who loves what they do

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As a committed dog carer you will no doubt want the best for your canine companion and good behaviour is integral to the happy relationship between you and your dog.

You want your dog to be able to go anywhere without causing you embarrassment, stress or worry or that he will run away.

You want to be able to leave the house without fear he will chew up the furniture or annoy the neighbours with barking or whining.

You want your dog to greet people and other dogs without jumping up and lunging.

You want to protect your dog and others if he is exhibiting aggression towards people or other dogs.

You want your dog to be calm, confident and happy!

Just like people, dogs respond best in a positive, kind and fun environment  so you will find my practice uses only progressive techniques designed to help both your dog and you towards a happier future together. All techniques practiced by me are compassionate, non-intrusive and are based on positive reinforcement.

All breeds of dogs benefit from positive behaviour training so whether your dog is a pup, mature, elderly or a rescue he can be guided towards exchanging unwanted conduct for positive behaviour giving both him and you a  more fulfilling life together.


'Very helpful session. We gained valuable insight into Rufus' behaviour .  Couldn't believe he learned new cues so quickly! Seeing it from a different perspective and following the programme will make a huge difference for Rufus and for us. Thanks so much.'  

MM, Prestwick 21/08/2018

                   'Never thought she's do so well so quickly! Very pleased!.' 
                         LF, Kilwinning 25/09/2018


'The session was very relaxed. Maya is very good at putting pupil and myself at ease. I have put the new training programme in place and Heidi is improving every day.' PJ, Darvel 19/07/2018

'Can't believe how well this girl is doing! Even after her injury rest - boom! Skye is back better and more eager to learn than ever!'
AA, Saltcoats, 16/09/2018


'So glad I got this training for us! I feel so much happier being actually shown physically what I should be doing with her and she responds so well too. Absolutely delighted and thanks so much Maya.'

 YS, Symington 26/09/2018

'I love this type of training and  Hudson loves it too! I can see so much improvement in the biting and in the toilet training in the space of days and Hudson is not stressed with the changes or with the training methods and that is the best thing of all Thanks Maya for your patience in showing me what to do.'
MG, Ayr 02/05/2018


'Superb! In a very short time Suzi was relaxed and watching the birds outside, not trying to jump at them and her barking is already calming down.  Yes, we have work to do but we know what we are doing now and I know we will all get there. I enjoyed the 'critical distance' information too. Thanks Maya.'

D&LS, Drongan 02/08/2018


'Puppy Workshop's been great for Duke and I love the extra information too. I've been given some great ideas to help Duke find his place in his new home with us and I'm sure he (and us) will do fine. Thanks so much.' KK, Kilbirnie, 03/08/2018

                                 'Thank you for today Maya. I am so
                           glad Max can be helped.'
                                    MIB, Kilwinning 13/07/2018

'Oliver is a lovely dog with only 2 issues really so  it was good to spend the session  homing in on what is required to help Oliver become less reactive when outdoors and to pull less on-leash, to make him easier to walk for all the family. Discussing the importance of 'training in tandem' made a lot of sense and we are ready to move forward with Oliver's new training strategies. A valuable session. Thank you.' MB,   Kilmarnock, 11/11/2018


Both Colin & I feel very positive about training now we know what we are doing with Otto. Otto has had 3 training outings since we got home and he didn't get worked up at all - just a wee bark at a person and a sheep. Once again thank you so much for your help. M&C Lewis, Castle Douglas, 23/03/2018

'Elliie has never really been trained and we are starting from the beginning with her. I have to say I was surprised at how well she caught on to cue words and what she was supposed to do. We are determined to keep working with her on it until next session.' J&JM, Johnstone 03/07/2018

    Holly & Ivy

'We've had dogs before but wanted to make sure we are on the right track with these adorable rescues. Session was crammed full of info and practical exercises for us to take part in with the dogs. Very helpful and we learned a lot. J&MK, Prestwick, 11/09/2018

  Brodie & Kyle

'Never seen these two sit like this - ever. Tremendous! We need to keep at it now.' J&MK, Troon, 17/10/2018

 'Much braver today. Less barky too. Even took treats!'
                                      LF, Kilwinning 25/09/2018                            

Dachshund Reunion

Coniston, Cumbria, September 2018


                   'Rocco is a super pup and I'm glad to get his issues under

                   control now. I feel more confident in dealing with Rocco now

                   that I have the knowledge and information to help him properly. 

                   Sessions are very hands-on and Maya gives lots of hints and

                   tips to help so you don't feel lost.'

                   MT, Kilwinning, 07/05/2018


                     My boy is doing perfect recall!!BM, Maybole, 24/05/2018
                    Toaty loves the recall and because he comes back he gets
                     so much more freedom now. BM,  Maybole 31/05/2018
'Enjoyed the session and feel that Woo-Woo can be helped. She is such a lovely dog and part of the family we hated seeing her so distressed and are so glad to have a new programme that can really help. Many, many thanks!'  R&SM, Barassie, 17/08/2018

Romeo Chihuahua in his wedding suit.

I worked with him to help him succeed in his very important job as Ringbearer at his Mum and Dad's wedding at Seamill Hydro (Sep 2016)
    Spot the tiny Ringbearer
'It is true to say Lucas is getting better and better every day! I am very happy and will have another session to progress him further very soon.'
AL, Newton Mearns, 13/08/2018


'I appreciate the depth of information delivered at the session and I feel now Archie can be helped.' GS, Ayr 08/08/18

''Poppy is responding really well to the Puppy Workshop training and we are pleased with the results. We intend to keep things going and carry out the training with clicker and cue words to help her be the best she can be.' Thanks so much.'
HM, Troon 14/07/2018


'Thanks Maya for an interesting session and your help in how to look at things from Coco's perspective. Lots to look at and work on to help Coco beginning today.' CG, Kilmarnock, 11/11/2018                                             


'I would have to say that the session was very relaxed and friendly and things were explained in plain and simple terms. Maya takes note of Clara's personality and behaviour and her home environment and observing how she is outside before recommending a programme of help for Clara, I like that every dog is treated as an individual which they are and the sessions are not rushed Maya will answer all your questions and demonstrate how to do things with your dog if you are not sure. This type of individual work is training at it's best and it is clear to see that Maya loves dogs and the dogs love her too. Thank you very much.'  MW, Kilmarnock, 14/11/2018


"I wasn't too sure what to expect from this type of training but I was pleasantly surprised! Sandy loved it! He responded almost at once to the clicker training and before the end of the session I was using it myself to have him sit attentively rather than jumping up. So many ways to train using the clicker but in addition I learned how to appreciate the way a dog thinks, how he learns and how a 'meeting of the minds' is crucial to the learning process. 

I also like the fact that Maya encourages clients to take advantage of the after care aspect of the work which  is offered  at no additional charge so that I can call or email if I get stuck without feeling I am being a nuisance. Sandy and I thank you very much Maya! AM, Kilmarnock, 16/11/2018

'Maya said some things we were already thinking about and validation gives confidence in moving forward with behavioural work for Poppy. We have a lot of 'homeowork' and look forward to working towards session two.'  G&NR, Troon 08/08/18


''So happy to see Angus learning his Sit and Down  on his first ever lesson. Thanks Maya!' WM, Prestwick, 27/06/2018

   GSD Safira (with brother Diesel (Rottie)

'Safira has been  shy and nervous since a pup and I am excited and delighted to have help for her now. Thank you Maya.' KK,Kilbirnie, 03/08/2018


'Meryl is a lovely girl but she can be a handful. So glad  to know there is help and support out there for dogs and their families too. Thanks so much.' RP, Ayr 04/10/2018


'So glad we got  Maya for behavioural work for Duke  as he is such a soft and gentle man and he is responding very well to what we are asking him to do. The flavour of the training is easy to follow yet cleverly constructed so that it is not just that we do it but that we understand why we do it and more importantly that it is helping the dog." NG, Newton Mearns,  28/10/2018