Maya McLaughlin ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac, MISAP,AMICAN

Always Choose a Trainer Who Loves What They Do 


'Delta is doing great and I am learning 

so much myself .Every day sees new improvements Maya sometimes big sometimes small and we are so grateful for the sessions  and the knowledge you are passing on to us. Really, we cannot thank you enough and I look forward to each and every session. Delta is becoming the happy wee dog we always knew she was inside.

JK, Newmilns, 10/06/20

Poppy & Fudge

''Nice work. The girls are doing really well on the lead now. They have learned quickly and we are keeping the routine and the cues the same just like we did on the day.' Thanks for  the help.'  LF, Symington 25/05/20


'Maya is THE best Canine trainer available! I had problems with my adorable chocolate Labrador being stubborn whilst out on walks! Bisto was leading ME astray, but thanks to Maya’s patience and understanding, I am now back in control of the walks. Maya doesn’t just retrain the dog, the owner too gets retrained - but in such a positive way that it is enjoyable to do. Can’t praise Maya enough!' AD, Troon 12/06/20

                                                    Milo &

           'Amazing how quickly their behaviour

           Practical demo was a great help and

           was useful. Quite fun too. Thanks! 


'He is doing so well Maya. He is just our wee boy and a million miles away from what he was like before. Can hardly imagine the house before he was in it and we will never forget you for that. Happy birthday from Hugo and from us too.' J&AK, Gateshead, 09/06/20


'Thanks for the first session. Really learned a lot and I am glad Logan - and us - can be helped. He is a great dog and  I really want to get out and about walking with him. Willing to do everything it takes and looking forward to more sessions. Thanks again.' CH, Irvine, 17/06/2020


'He is going great - so pleased with progress. I am watching his body language and he is so relaxed walking, ears and tail up, sniffing, interested in things - not stressed or worried. It's just about knowing what to do to help him.'  CH, Irvine, 25/06/2020


changed once we knew what to do.

the trigger management explanation

AJ, Irvine 04/06/20


'Thanks for this evening. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of dog triggers around for Ace to react to - typical! But he did not disappoint in other quarters. I am sure we can iron out his issues with the reinforcement methods suggested and thanks for the offer of  aftercare if we need it.'  GS, Kilmarnock 06/06/20