Maya McLaughlin ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac, MISAP,AMICAN
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 Always choose a trainer who loves what they do

Always Choose a Trainer Who Loves What They Do 

I  offer two programmes of behavioural training as well as Puppy Workshop. 

A full description of both programmes and Puppy Workshop information including costs are laid out below: 

Single Session Behavioural Training Programme

Location: Dog’s home environment

Training hours: 2

Created to help owners and dogs with:



leash walking


hyper activity

trigger management


general obedience work 

boundary/manners training 

living with baby/children/other animals

                                                                                and more 

Distance support is offered in connection with this behaviour (email/phone) for 1-month at no additional cost

Single Session Training cost:   £120.00

3 Session Behavioural Training Programme

Location: Dog’s home environment

Training hours: 6 (over 3 weeks)

Created for owners and dogs struggling with more challenging issues including, but not limited to:


anxieties and phobias (inc. OCD)

rehabilitation for kennel and puppy farm dogs


fighting/guarding/chasing behaviours

living with baby

living with other animals

                                                                       extreme or longstanding behaviours


Session 1: It is from this session a programme of work and the dog's Personal Behavioural Training Report (PBTP) is created. Included in this session is: initial meet and greet, discussion around the dogs behaviour, lifestyle, history and how he fits into the home environment. Hands-on demonstrations (indoor/outdoor/both as applicable), handouts, practical recommendations as well as hints and tips to help fast track owner and dog to training success.

Session 2: Progress check and techniques employed including amending/ accelerating training as appropriate.

Session 3: This final session comprises a recap of behavioural work including: continuance of professional recommendations, practical hands-on help and advice, hints and tips for success going forward.

Distance support is offered (email/phone) in connection with this behaviour for 3-months at no additional cost

3 Session Training cost:    £350.00 with a non-refundable 20% deposit paid at the time of booking and the remainder paid prior to the first session.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to maximise the continuity of the training discipline, all 3 sessions must be booked at the same time

Puppy Workshop 

Location: puppy's home environment

Training hours: 2

Your puppy will enjoy carefully selected fun activities designed to encourage learning, response and growth including:

Making the crate the place to be 

Chew toy recommendations 

Toilet training tips

It’s ok to be alone

Tips to make the bed safe 

Play safely with children

How to say no effectively
The introduction of basic recall cues
Reading puppy’s behaviour
Bite inhibition and the no bitey rule 

Introduction to clicker training

Leash walking 

                                                                                           and more...

Unlike group training, Puppy Workshop is focused on creating puppy’s daily routine and helping him cope with basic learning in and around the home. We   also want to encourage his natural instinct to learn safely, so that skills learned during Puppy Workshop will be an asset should you choose group training  later on.

Puppy Workshop Cost:   £120.00


( Photographs reproduced by kind permission of the owners)