Maya Rae McCallum MISAP 

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Maya Rae McCallum MISAP

Professional canine behaviourist and trainer specialising in one-to-one behavioural training carried out in the dog's own home environment. 

Please note: all clients booking sessions are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £50 at the time of booking which will be deducted from total cost of the session

Single Session Behavioural work to help identify, manage and replace unwanted behaviours including (but not limited to):

  • aggression
  • boundary work (barking, jumping etc.)
  • identifying and managing triggers
  • anxiety and stress work
  • prey drive (cats, small animals, livestock)
  • leash work
  • recall
  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • living with babies and children
  • getting along with other animals
  • rescue rehabilitation

Training time: 2-hours

Cost: £150.00

3-Session Package available for dogs exhibiting multiple complex or longstanding behaviours

Training time: 6-hours over 3 sessions

Cost: £375.00

Puppy Workshop 

Puppy Workshop has been created to provide an essential foundation of puppy training in a kind and gentle manner.

Unlike group training, Puppy Workshop is entirely focused on helping puppy learn basic boundary training in and around his home environment.

We also want to encourage his natural instinct to learn safely, so that skills learned during training will be an asset should you wish him to join group training sessions later on.

Your puppy will enjoy carefully selected activities designed to encourage learning, response and growth 

Training time: 2-hours

Cost: £150.00

Initial Assessment
A holistic view of the owner and dog's lifestyle and environment to ensure any programme undertaken in a future session is workable. This is  ideal for the owner who is unsure of their dog's current level of reactivity and would like guidance as to what to do next. The assessment involves a visit to the dog's home environment to observe and evaluate behavioural responses in a variety of situations. A short trial walk is also included if appropriate. As there is no follow-on report post-assessment it is recommended that clients take their own notes (Central Ayrshire only)
Training tine: 1-hour
Cost: £80.00


Please note

canine behavioural work is not conducive to being trained remotely, 

therefore I am  able to continue to offer one-to-one behavioural work for dogs displaying

 any of the above-named issues during lockdown periods

                                                                                      Video: How not to touch a dog