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The Cost

One-to-one training  with you and your dog currently costs £95 per 2-hour session.  

Charges have been carefully calculated in what I offer my clients in terms of session work, after care and behind-the-scenes prep work. Please be assured I will always deliver the highest quality of work and advice.

One of the most common questions I am asked is 'how many sessions will my dog need' and the answer to that is, unlike group obedience classes which are generally block booked in 4 or 6 sessions, behavioural work consists of an initial assessment from which a programme of work is created specifically for your dog and, once set up, requires you to manage and implement that programme with distance support at no further cost from your behaviourist. Most clients who are willing to invest time to practice and persevere with the new training routines usually find one or two sessions are sufficient. Clients who invest time and effort working on the programme with their dog achieve the best results.

Behavioural work is carried out at the dog's own home environment as that is where the dog is most comfortable and therefore most likely to exhibit the behaviour you are looking to change.

Work involves assessing the current situation and exploring the underlying cause to create a workable behavioural and training plan tailored to the needs of your dog which include:

Observational work in order to:
      (i)     get to know the dog
      (ii)    identify behaviour

Creating a Personalised Behavioural Training Programme (PBTP) designed to extinguish existing patterns of behaviour and replace these with new more appropriate behaviour standards

Professional recommendations

Practical hands-on help and advice

Hints and tips                                   



If you are looking for a gift for a dog-owning friend, relative or neighbour that is both thoughtful and useful why not consider a Gift Certificate from Maya Canine Behviourist

Gift Certificates are now available to the value of £5.00, £10.00, £20.00 and £50.00 and are redeemable against the cost or partial cost of a behavioural session. Contact for details.