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So You Think 

A Dog 

Will HelpYou Survive


but has anyone asked the dog?

Picture it: I'm jogging along the beach front with my trusty hound running by my side. What a team! People turn to stare (from a socially acceptable distance of course) at the perfect synchronicity of human and canine moving in perfect harmony.

Now the reality: puppies aren't being released right now, rescues are closed (ok you can pick one online but by the time you get him lockdown will be over). Borrow a neighbour's dog - after all I do have the time but Fluffy next door has a waiting list of family members who are eager to walk him now, even recalcitrant Gen Z-ers are to be seen out and about with Fluffy who is, to be fair, looking more frazzled and hairy as the weeks go on. In fact, Fluffy has never been so popular, so no chance there. 

Where there's a will: but I put it about that I'm looking to re-home a dog and whaddya know someone on one of my WhatsApp chat group knows a guy whose cousin's sister's best friend's boyfriend has a dog (breed unknown) who needs a home and the guy could drop it outside my house at the weekend. What a stroke of luck!

He's really a very nice dog: if a bit old for running around but hey, I was never really committed to the whole fitness thing anyway and he does  like a bit of a saunter. He seems to want to walk in a particular direction though, and doesn't answer to his name, otherwise seems happy enough. He's a friendly old chap with has one helluva  bark when he gets agitated and the people next door are getting a bit annoyed (comments are being made  from over the garden fence about training and keeping dogs quiet  although nothing has been said directly - yet.

He's needy too, follows me everywhere all around the house: but that's kinda nice, especially since I'm in lockdown here on my own. We keep each other company. Not sure how that will play out when the world returns to normal and I get my life back... but maybe he'll adapt. 
If he does I'll definitely keep him. If he doesn't - well, he was re-homed once so another rehoming can't hurt can it?