Maya McLaughlin ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac, MISAP,AMICAN
Maya Canine Behaviourist                   
 Always choose a trainer who loves what they do

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As a committed dog carer you want the best for your canine companion and good behaviour is integral to the happy relationship between you and your dog.

You want your dog to be able to go anywhere without causing you embarrassment, stress or worry or that he will run away.

You want to be able to leave the house without fear he will chew up the furniture or annoy the neighbours with barking or whining.

You want your dog to greet people and other dogs without jumping up and lunging.

You want to protect your dog and others if he is exhibiting aggression towards people or other dogs.

You want your dog to be calm, confident and happy!

Just like people, dogs respond best in a positive, kind and fun environment  so you will find my practice uses progressive techniques designed to help both your dog and you towards a happier future together.

All breeds of dogs benefit from  behaviour training so whether your dog is a pup, mature, elderly or a rescue he can be guided towards exchanging unwanted conduct for more acceptable behaviour giving both him and you a  more fulfilling life together.


'Working at keeping Rocco under threshold when out walking. We have learned the importance of timing so that we can 'catch' him before he reacts and then it's easier to divert him away to something else. Rocco is a work in progress but he is moving in the right direction now we have the guidance - and  the 'happy chat!" Thanks Maya.'RS, Kilmarnock 06/06/2019


''Session packed full of information and ways to help me to help Louie. I have lots of hints and tips as well as handouts and Louie's report so I won't get lost or forget what to do. There is plenty of time for questions too so you don't feel bombarded with information and there's a nice balance between the theory of training and the practical so the owner can understand what to do every step of the way. Well worth it.' LB, Irvine, 18/06/2019


'Great thanks Maya. Jake is a brilliant dog, so athletic and he is doing so well. I will be taking suggestions on board and loo forward to even more progress with him. Thanks again.'

 JH, Ayr 01/06/2019


'Shadow at session 2. A much more relaxed dog. He listens to me much better both inside and outside the house and he is very responsive to the clicker which is great news for training in other cues as well. So many improvements, many of them small but I am happy to move at Shadows own pace.' SD, Saltcoats, 10/05/2019


'Watching from across the road we couldn't believe how well Stoorie was walking on leash in such a short time. His tail was wagging away and he was happy and relaxed with no pulling or jumping around. Fantastic work. We will definitely be keeping it up! Thanks so much.' D&KM, Ayr 19/08/2019 

  Frankie & Bro

'Trigger management has really helped me and the boys Maya and it has made such a difference. Here we are at a Summer Fayre and look at how relaxed they were. I admit I was on high alert but no need my boys were perfect gentlemen! Thanks again.' SH, Sussex, 02/07/2019


''Thanks for all the help today. So much information and help for our boy and we are starting straight away.' MD&LH, Tarbolton 26/07/2019

       Harper & Millie

'Thanks for today. So much new information to help us help the girls and we cannot wait to get started. Session was easy to understand and very varied, everything was covered and we look forward to session 2.'

D&HH, Kilmarnock 02/06/2019

Harper & Millie

'Session 2 and it is amazing how following the programme as created for them has made such a difference in our dogs. Harper and Millie both are showing their individual personalities more now and Millie especially is gaining in confidence every day although Maya says with patience and practice Harper will soon catch up. We find the 3-session programme a great help in moving out girls out of the behavioural rut they were in and we are confident of further progress. Many thanks again.' D&HH, Kilmarnock, 16/06/2019


'Thanks for the info. I knew it was me!' Seriously though the session was very informative and I am ready and willing to try out all the strategies and exercises to help Harley get back on track.'

JB, Irvine, 16/08/2019


'Hank is a super dog in every way and we are delighted to enhance his training with some structured hands-on behavioural work. There is so much to learn here (for human as well as canine!) Thanks Maya.'  BM, Troon 17/07/2019


'Lots of information to process here and we are glad to have this help for Bica and for us. It is helping us to understand Bica and to help her to feel at ease and happy here in her new home with us. We will implement all the strategies and especially the cue words and work together to help Bica become relaxed and stress free. Many thanks'  LB, Fenwick 15/08/2019


'Loved the session work. So interesting and there is so much information and help for our boy to settle into his new home and understand what we want from him. In terms of pulling on leash the solutions provided are excellent and we aim to get on with all aspects of Floyd's training from now. Thanks so much.'  S&AG, Ayr, 15/07/2019

'Bunty is a lovely wee soul and I am anxious to do the best for her so I wanted to get some guidance on the biting and toileting as well as some help with the leash walking and recall. I must say Maya's Puppy Workshop training has been fabulous and Maya covered all my concerns and more.  I would recommend without hesitation.' NR, Newton Mearns, 09/06/2019


'Thanks for today Maya. I loved the session and the handouts  so I can read then over again later. I learned so much I didn't know about dogs and Woody in particular and I am so pleased he is doing well. I understand he is only young and has a way to go but I will definitely be taking your advice and training him along as we discussed. I love the idea of a report afterwards too so I don't have to feel I need to remember everything as it is quite a lot to take in at once.'  LR, Hurlford , 13/09/2019


‘Thank you! Don’t feel as nervous letting George loose around the other dogs now we understand what is happening between them. Learning to Think Dog!’ LS & Family, Troon, 27/08/2019


'Lots to learn here and it is fascinating stuff. Many ways to help Lily and I am getting started right away!'  RC, Ardrossan, 21/07/2019

      Buddy & BB

'Thank you so much Maya for the additional help with both Buddy and BB. I will take all advice on board and work new strategies into our daily routine. It already makes sense.'  IB, Kilmarnock, 19/06/2019


'Maya you have been such a help! I am so glad I called on you and I can see it is never too late to teach a dog new tricks! It is very much all about Selkie and watching her signs - and yes if she can do it outside she can do it inside too. I will be in touch with updates. Many thanks again.' AT, Ayr, 06/06/2019


'Thanks for the session today. It was very informative and in such a short time I learned a lot about my dog and about myself as a dog owner.  I can see Jasper responding to cues and although he can be  stubborn at times I have the right set of tools to help him along now. Big thank you.' TR, Ayr 04/07/19

'Thanks so much for a fascinating session. We learned a lot in the time and Mack did too! We are getting started on things tonight and are determined to work together to help Mack as he is a super Beagle and we want the best for him. We will be taking full advantage of the the aftercare service you offer no doubt and many thanks again.' 

                                                                    LB & Family, Kilmaurs 23/09/2019

'Thanks for this morning. Jerry has a lot of work to do as we do too. We know how anxious he is and we are at least now able to se how to move forward with him. He is a good dog and the 'dog head' thing is ideal in helping to see things from Jerry's perspective. We will be in touch. Many thanks again.' S&CM, Kilmarnock 25/09/2019


'Maya - please just move in!' J&RM Kilmarnock 30/09/2019


'This is behavioural work! So much information, practical demonstrations on how to best help Taalah and to manage her correctly. Everything explained rationally and all questions answered. Can't ask for any more and I am so glad I chose Maya.'  ML, Kilmarnock, 07/07/2019

‘Great job! Murphy and I learned a lot and I am delighted with Maya's style of training which is  patient, kind, and definitely all about the dog.' EM, Irvine,, 25/08/2019


'Thanks for your help today Maya. Belle is very receptive to the clicker and is a very fast learner. We are going to read through everything you have left us and get started on her training. Many thanks again.’ F&MK, Troon, 29/07/2019


'Great today although I was a bit nervous to start with. Angus is a great dog and my best friend and I want the best for him. The explanations during the session were very clear and made perfect sense. There is plenty of information along the way so you don't need to feel lost and Maya does encourage questions  too. The mix of  theory and practical work in terms of trial walks and trigger management is exactly the right balance and now I have the way forward for both myself and for Angus to be the happy chappie I know he is. There is absolutely no pressure during the session and I would recommend anyone who has any issues with their dog to get in touch with Maya. The aftercare service offered at no additional cost is a great confidence booster too. Many thanks.' PB, Dreghorn, 24/05/2019


‘Maya we really enjoyed today your love and knowledge towards animals is fantastic and second to none’. J&AK, Gateshead, 05/08/19


'Ollie was so remarkably calm and confident walking on the short leash. He actually looked happier! Did not expect such an about turn in a first session. Maya explains Ollie may regress to established patterns from time to time but on the whole now he has been helped to realise there are less stressful ways to enjoy walking out. Absolutely delighted!"  K&RE, Troon 02/05/2019


'Thanks for the help today Maya we appreciate the guidance in helping Rowan with his boundary training in the home. He is so good outside he just needs to match that indoors with us. We now feel we have the tools and the understanding to help him get to a level where we can take him anywhere which is exactly what we want. Many thanks again.J&KV Kilmaurs, 21/06/2019


'Great session with so much valuable information to help our girl and us too. We are itching to get on with it and cannot wait for outdoor work and session 2..'  L&SS, Troon, 07/10/2019


'Can't believe it was so quick! Harley responded so  well.' Not difficult at all. Thanks so much! LC, Hurlford, 09/10/2019



'Maya was recommended by a friend and I'm glad I contacted her. Learned such a lot today, particularly about leash training.  It's great that there is an 'all-round' type of behaviour training out there that helps all aspects of a dog and Maya will spend as much time with you as you and your dog needs. Very many thanks.' JK, Ayr, 25/07/2019


''So kind of you Maya. Appreciate the help for my two boys. They are lovely dogs and deserve a lovely life and I am committed to doing the best for them. Really good of you.'  KW, Ayr, 24/09/2019


'Thanks so much for seeing us on a Sunday! Learned so much and we can't believe how well behaved the boys were :) Seriously though we did learn such a lot in the time and are so glad we came down. Many thanks again.' G&PS, Fife 14/07/2019


'‘Great stuff! Thanks for the work and the demo too. You have made a great friend in Scout. He is such a gentle lad and I am so pleased I have the guidance to do right by him. Thanks again Maya. LS, Troon 09/08/19


'Session 2 for Elsa and she is coming on really well. She is largely unfazed by noises in and around the home now (even building works!). Her confidence is building every day and her understanding of boundary work means that what worried her when she was outdoors is already reduced as Elsa now knows to let us handle things.'  K&RE, Troon, 02/05/2019


'So pleased to have help for Juno! too Many thanks!L&SS, Troon 07/10/2019


'Thank you so much again Maya. You have been an amazing help and I look forward to working with Bentley.'He did so well on the trial walk that I just know he can do it. Will let you know how we get on.' 

JL, Troon 22/05/2019

‘Now we know what to do we are sure both dogs, and Milo especially, will get to know what we want him to do. He was already getting it before you left and as long as we are all pulling together their behaviour will get better.’ Hendren Family, Kilmarnock, 09/09/2019


'Fully on board with everything and there are some great tips here. Clyde will do fantastically well  so thanks so much.' ZT, Irvine 01/10/2019


'Thanks for the session today Maya  and for explaining everything - really helped. We look forward to working with Bonnie and helping her  in practical ways to overcome her worries. She is such a fantastic pup and we want to do the best for her.' J&SD, Irvine, 16/05/2019


'Nice to have things organised in my mind. I like the cue word idea so that Stuart won't get confused. He behaved very well and I think he will learn quickly. I also like the fact that I can have free support too, just incase I get stuck. Very worthwhile and great value for money. Thanks Maya.' IC, Ardrossan, 22/07/19


'Lexie did well at training today. She wants to learn and it is all about us teaching her well. I appreciated your coming out to watch me working with her Maya as I feel that helped a lot too. Thanks so much.' MS, Mauchline 08/08/19