Maya McLaughlin ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac, MISAP,AMICAN
Maya Canine Behaviourist                   
 Always choose a trainer who loves what they do

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As a committed dog carer you will no doubt want the best for your canine companion and good behaviour is integral to the happy relationship between you and your dog.

You want your dog to be able to go anywhere without causing you embarrassment, stress or worry or that he will run away.

You want to be able to leave the house without fear he will chew up the furniture or annoy the neighbours with barking or whining.

You want your dog to greet people and other dogs without jumping up and lunging.

You want to protect your dog and others if he is exhibiting aggression towards people or other dogs.

You want your dog to be calm, confident and happy!

Just like people, dogs respond best in a positive, kind and fun environment  so you will find my practice uses only progressive techniques designed to help both your dog and you towards a happier future together. All techniques practiced by me are compassionate, non-intrusive and are based on positive reinforcement.

All breeds of dogs benefit from positive behaviour training so whether your dog is a pup, mature, elderly or a rescue he can be guided towards exchanging unwanted conduct for positive behaviour giving both him and you a  more fulfilling life together.


'Walter is most definitely improving as is our reaction times with the clicker. He seems to know what it is we want of him now and there are positive steps moving forward. Very many thanks Maya.'  

JE, Auchentiber 31/01/2019


'Maya is a very good trainer. She works patiently and takes time to explain what she is doing and why she is doing it. She will address every question and concern of the owner  and lays out clearly the work that has to be done. It is easy to see she is all about the dog and helps people to understand what is going on inside the dog's mind and how we can link into that thought process to make the training successful.' J&CN, Kilmarnock, 10/02/2019


'Great!. I have strategies now to manage Lola's behaviour and help her turn into the well-behaved girl I want her to be. Thank you!"

 AC, Kilmaurs 22/02/2019


'Thanks for your time today in assessing Teddy's needs and helping us to find a way to help him find his place in his new home with us. Teddy is a lovely boy who deserves his second chance.' J&MB, Prestwick, 08/01/2019


'We didn't expect help for our resident dog Dennis too so we are delighted! Thanks again' J&MB, Prestwick, 08/01/2019 


'Angus is our first dog (we have always been cat people) and we wanted to get things right from the onset.' Our session with Maya has really helped us see things from Angus' way of thinking and that makes it so much easier to train him. We were so happy to see his behaviour change very quickly into the session too. We know there is work to do and know we know what to do we are more than happy to help Angus become the puppy we  want him to be. Very many thanks.'  A&RS, Sinclairston, 03/03/2019


'Great session for Kristi and for me - even though Kristi decided to be on her best behaviour on the night! Seriously though, I saw how quickly she responded to training and once I understood what to do I felt more confident in applying the clicker method and within a couple of times using the clicker my clever girl learned the cue. Can't wait to move on to outdoor work next. Thanks Maya!' NM, Kilmarnock 11/03/2019

  Harry & Oreo

'Thanks so much for your help and strategies for Harry & Oreo. It is great to know where to go now moving forward, the best way to help the boys and for us to have people back in the home again without worrying.' 

SD, Galston, 11/02/2019


'Puppy Workshop is a great all-round training programme to help owners and puppies with the basics. I feel more confident in how to help and guide Miley now with a structure in place. Many thanks indeed.' 

SH, Ardrossan, 12/04/2019


'Thanks Maya for the session with Blue. So much was covered in the time and we appreciate the help. We are taking everything on board and starting now are making the changes needed to help Blue to success. Good to know you are there to answer any questions or for further sessions if we need. Many thanks again.'  McCullough Family, Irvine, 27/03/2019


'Wasn't sure what to expect and I haven't had a dog before but the session was great and I learned a lot. The work is pretty much hands on. Maya would demonstrate then ask me to have a try so that I was confident I knew what I was doing before the end of the training.'  TK, Stevenston, 17/01/2019

'Coco is our first dog and a lovely boy.We wanted the training to keep us on the right path so we can be sure we are doing the best by him in terms of toilet training, crate times etc. The session was friendly fun, practical and all questions answered. I would definitely recommend Maya to anyone with a new pup in the house.'  SM, Galston 01/02/2019


'Thanks very much Maya. Baxter is very responsive to the training and I like the idea of positive reinforcement work. He responds very well to what you were teaching him and I feel sure his  programme will really help.'  MH, Wemyss Bay, 13/03/2019


'Brilliant! Thanks to Ivybank Vets for recommending Maya' CK, Kilwinning 22/02/2019


''Thank you for helping Koby and the gentle way of training means not to force Koby to do anything against his will. Obviously the wee man has had a bad start and I understand it will take time to help him become less nervous of people and dogs and things in general.' I know we will get there and I am happy to progress at Koby's own pace. Thanks again Maya for the work and also for additional support for Koby.' SP, Ardrossan, 04/04/2019


'Informative session delivered in a friendly manner with lots of supporting handouts for reference. I enjoyed the practical hands-on approach Maya offers and I was encouraged to try each technique along the way and Sooty did really well. Great stuff.'  WW, Mauchline, 29/03/2019

 Buddy, BB & Zan

'Fantastic session and I know we had so much to cover. Working with my little deaf pup Buddy, helping my resident dog Border Terrier BB accept him into her space and for Buddy and Zan to gain some understanding of one another and for everyone to be safe is no small order but we are on the way and I am delighted! Many, many thanks!'  IB, Kilmarnock, 05/04/2019


'Great session although we weren't sure what to expect. All our questions were answered and we are delighted with the guidance we received for Izzy, our first dog. Many thanks.' S&DC, Kilmaurs, 08/02/2019


'Great session with up to date information on how best to look after and train a puppy. Luna already knew the sit and from there Maya showed how to link in to giving the paw. Luna  responded very well and it was fun to do! Great tips on toilet training, biting and how to help puppies and small children play together safely.  Very happy.'  KF, Stewarton, 18/03/2019


‘Hey Maya, I just want to say a massive thank you for your help n support. I have pretty much cracked Ed’s separation anxiety with your help n advice. He can do hours easy at my aunts where he spends time. Car we are up to 30mins and he sits lovely. There is no more digging or barking, he’s like a new dog. Can’t thank you enough. I got a cheap dog cam too to keep an eye on him which I can talk through and he is now settled and calm. That’s him in white blanket while I have been out 25 mins.

This is thanks to your support and advice. Honest this time 5 months ago he was crazy as soon as I was out of sight he would go nuts. Mental! He wouldn’t even sit still or quiet let alone lay sleeping in his bed. Yes we cracked it in the last 3 weeks. I listened to what you said then implemented what I learned with my dog camera to assist – my secret eye. Now Ed can be safely left in the house for short periods but we are gonna build on it every day. So grateful.’ RK, Newcastle, 28/03/2019


'Many thanks for your input today Maya. Buddy is already responding to his new routine and I am committed to helping his behaviour improve as suggested. Will keep in touch and appreciate post-session support.' 

HB, Troon, 06/02/2019


'Bella is doing very well with her training. She is clever and catching on quickly now she understands what we want her to do. Fantastic work. Thanks Maya!'

CB, Troon 03/01/2019

'Learned a lot and feel sure Woody's indoor work will seriously improve now we have the tools and strategies to know what to do. Many thanks Maya. Looking forward to another session to explore improving his recall.'
LW, Newmilns, 16/01/2019

            Shelley & Molly

'Thank you so much Maya. I don't mind admitting I had lost my way with Shelley and Molly was following suit in terms of behaviour. I will continue to train separately and use the clicker work indoors. They already seem calmer. Thanks again.' SC,  Dreghorn, 20/02/2019


'Winnie is a lovely pup and great with the kids but I would like her to learn good training skills and to walk well on leash before she gets too big. Maya gives great advice and help and I am very grateful.' CK, Kilwinning, 22/02/2019


'Thanks so much for your help and guidance Maya. The session was extremely helpful. Seeing things through Coco's eyes makes a huge difference in training and we could see results right before our eyes. Keeping things fun made putting on her leash so much easier too. Many, many thanks.'  I&PM, Whitecraigs, 12/03/2019


'Very informative session and helpful to know we are doing things right for Bailey. Within an hour of Maya leaving we could see improvements in his behaviour and we will continue to do the work to help him recognise house boundaries and what behaviour we want from him.' 

                                                                          S&MB, Kilmarnock, 17/02/2019

'Super session, lots of practicals and things I can work on to help Jake's recall. Jake is an excellent dog and I have trained himself to this point so it's good to know I have been doing things right. Fantastic to get the help I need to take him forward to help him excel even more Thanks Maya!'  JH, Ayr, 13/02/2019


''Millie is learning in a way that she can relate to now which is great so I can see true progress without stressing her out. I never wanted her to learn at the expense of her mental health or her nerves so this type of positive and very kind training is absolutely ideal - and it works too! Many thanks Maya!'  SL, Cumbria 14/01/2014

   Lilly & Enya 

'Super session. Learned a lot and so much information. We will work with all that you say and look forward to Lilly's improvements. Thank you Maya.' AM, Mauchline 05/03/2019


'Thanks for the help today. Lots of information and practical training to help us out with Keira's barking and what to do when she runs up at other dogs. She is already understanding the new cues which is great news.' RW, Troon 26/03/2019


'We feel this is exactly the type of training Elsa needs and being one-to-one it will help Ollie too. So much information on session 1 alone. Can't wait for session 2.' K&RE, Troon, 18/04/2019


'Our first dog and we wanted to start out on the right paw with Sasha and we received an all-round informative and helpful session of puppy training from Maya. Every aspect of puppy care was covered and all our questions answered before we even asked them! Thanks so much!' EM, Prestwick, 21/02/2019


We've all been doing our 'homework' and look forward to having a calm, happy and well behaved wee dog. It's great to know we can contact you if we are struggling! Many thanks.' 

M&JS, Mauchline, 29/01/2019

 Bailey & Simba

'Thanks for your help today. Really appreciate it and good to see how quickly Bailey's unwanted behaviour can be turned around without drama or shouting. Tips for their inclusion in our wedding appreciated too! Thanks again.'  

SB, Monkton, 14/03/2019


'Thanks for this first session. Good information and plenty to work on to help Harley. The training system makes good sense and I have high hopes for us and Harley all working together.'Many thanks.' A&MM, Ayr 08/04/2019