Maya McLaughlin ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac, MISAP,AMICAN
Maya Canine Behaviourist                   
 Always choose a trainer who loves what they do

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Puppy Workshop

Give your new pup the best chance of success with a tailored puppy package delivered one-to-one in your own home. Unlike regular puppy class,  Puppy Workshop can begin as soon as you get your puppy home and he can start learning how to be secure and comfortable in his new home right away.

 Your puppy will enjoy carefully selected fun activities designed to encourage learning, response and growth including:

                                                                             Making the crate the place to be

Chew toy recommendations

Toilet training tips

It’s ok to be alone

Tips to make the bed safe

Play and rest with bioacoustics


How to say no effectively

Introduce basic recall cues

Reading puppy’s behaviour

 Dental discussion/bite inhibition and the No Bitey Rule

Introduction to clicker training

Puppy Workshop costs £95 for a 2-hour session at the end of which your Puppy will receive his very own

Graduation Certificate


Choosing Puppy Workshop for your pup now will give him a head start should you decide to move on to regular puppy classes when he is older

Call 07517 125 049 or book your Puppy Workshop via the online form

Puppy Workshop - The best way to get your new best friend ready for the big wide world!