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Hi, My name is Harvey : I am a 6 year old Rescue Red Roan Cocker Spaniel : My Mum & Dad collected me mid Sept 2016 from the rescue organisation. I didn't have much bad luggage in my suitcase, just barking at other dogs (as I had been attacked when I was little ) & barking / whining in the car. So dad being dad read all the books & looked on Utube to see what he needed to do and he tried boy did he try - usually I had no idea what he wanted me to do, as it seemed different nearly every day - after my trying for six months to get him to following simple rules to stop barking at dogs

I decided enough was enough he was getting no where - no matter how hard I tried  dad wasn't progressing, even the treats were less & less & I couldn't have that.


So we eventually started to look for help - first  two were mistakes - one was for gun dogs (which I am not, like my bed too much & all those bangs!! ) other told dad pull on lead whenever  I barked .  Dad like me thought this wasn't the way forward. So we contacted Maya and she visited us & we all went for a walk - I was well behaved but dad struggled a wee bit and it took a lot of coaching by Maya for him to understand what to do when another dog approached - me I was fine, still barked & cowered but just walked on until other dog had passed & stopped barking, having first made sure I got a treat.

So we started dads training in earnest the next day - after nearly 7 weeks I can safely say that dad is getting the hang of it - over the last week or so I don't bark as much & have been known to  start to socialise with some of the neighbours dogs, not too long mind you as dad would stand talking to them for hours giving the chance  & I cannot have that as my breakfast / tea is waiting at home.


All in all though I would say that thanks to Maya's help dad has come on leaps & bounds over the last few weeks & he is now confident that we are progressing towards reducing my barking - notice I said reducing - as I think I will always have this in my suitcase for the odd occasion just to keep dad on his heels, there is a down side though I have noticed a marked decline in treats ( I'll have to think on that )

Next is the barking in car bit which we are starting this week - more treats dad??

Harvey & Bob, Troon 03/04/2017