Maya Rae McCallum MISAP 

Helping dogs and people stay together


Dachshunds are cute there’s no question about that but they can also be very delicate. Their long backs make them prone to spine problems so we have to be very careful when stroking them. There is even is a special way of picking dachshunds up so we don’t hurt them or crush their little legs. Like most dogs, dachshunds want to be your friend but we must be gentle and kind not only to dachshunds but all dogs and all other animals too.

Please be gentle. I am small and if you grab me too roughly you might hurt me. This could make me sore and I might growl to let you know. This does not mean I am aggressive or grumpy. I am trying to let you know you are hurting me. Never try to pick me up or pull my ears or tail. I may be small but I am not a toy.

Never approach me from the front. This makes me nervous. Visit me from the side and please stop with enough room to let me come forward to you. This stops me from feeling overwhelmed and helps me to feel less scared.

If I am very nervous and I am meeting you for the first time, I may behave better on leash. This can make me feel more secure.

Iff you are offering treats or toys to me please make sure I am not an excitable dog or I might snap without meaning to. If I am excited please stand very still and let me sniff you first.

Speak quietly to me. I have very good ears.

Do not jump around, shout, scream or wave your arms. This will scare me and I will bark. If I am very frightened I may also chase or nip.

If I am ‘doing my business’, eating or sleeping please leave me alone until I have finished.

If you do not know me, please ask a responsible adult before you come and talk to me.

Thank you for listening

Your friend

Nutty Dachshund x