Maya McLaughlin ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac, MISAP,AMICAN
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Always Choose a Trainer Who Loves What They Do 

As a committed dog guardian you want the best for your canine companion and good behaviour is integral to the happy relationship between you and your dog.

You want your dog to be able to go anywhere without causing you embarrassment, stress or worry or that he will run away.

You want to be able to leave the house without fear he will chew up the furniture or annoy the neighbours with barking or whining.

You want your dog to greet people and other dogs without jumping up and lunging.

You want to protect your dog and others if he is exhibiting aggression towards people or other dogs.

You want your dog to be calm, confident and happy!

Just like people, dogs respond best in a positive, kind and fun environment  so you will find my practice uses progressive techniques designed to help both your dog and you towards a happier future together.

All breeds of dogs benefit from  behaviour training so whether your dog is a pup, mature, elderly or a rescue he can be guided towards exchanging unwanted conduct for more acceptable behaviour giving both him and you a  more fulfilling life together.

'Thanks for everything Maya. Fab session packed with information and so helpful for Zuri.' SL, Troon 26/01/2020


'Things make sense with Bella when it is explained and when you stop and think about it. She is a great girl who just doesn't know her size and once she knows what we want she is so quick to give us what we ask for. The  idea of 'don't do that, do this" way of teaching is magic and it works without telling her off' G&AM, Hurlford 12/01/2020

'A friend  Sasha doesn't know was in today and Sasha was absolutely fine with her. Awesome progress so far!  Absolutely over the moon Maya!" KH, Troon 17/02/2020


'He was brilliant Maya! I have a new dog to walk! Thanks to you for explaining about his stress and helping. I cannot thank you enough - seriously!' JM, Darvel, 22/11/2019


'The main reason for the training was really to ensure we have things right and the tips and strategies employed during the two hours proved invaluable and useful moving forward with Jack.  Many thanks Maya.'  GM, Troon, 31/10/2019


Anubis Distance Training

'He’s getting better for sure. My husband has been spending more time with him one to one and has been taking charge of feeding time too. We are aware of Ralf’s dislike of being pushed away from food so are also making sure we don’t leave food or empty plates at his height (on coffee table!)
He’s not bitten again, he does show us when he doesn’t want to do something by going rigid and growling but a change of subject seems to distract him from that. Absolutely he works better with a light voice . He’s much better on the lead with your tips too. I will keep you posted with his progress!
 KH & Ralf, Cupar 03/02/2020


Anubis Distance Training

''Thanks for the help and guidance Maya. The boys and I will be putting it into practice very soon!" KT, Cardiff, 03/01/2020

'Sorry to see the end of our sessions but thoroughly enjoyed them all and have learned so much. Rufus has settled is doing so well now and I am so much more confident starting work knowing he is settled. Thanks so much.LP, Newmilns, 06/01/2020

3 Session Programme

'Thank you for your expertise Maya. We have enjoyed our Sunday sessions and have seen Angus’ improvement week on week. He is a super dog and we are only too happy to step up for him and give him the time and space he needs and help him move forward when he is ready.The McAndrews Crew, Paisley 05/01/2020

3 Session Programme

'Bye Aunty Maya your work here is done because I am now officially a Very Good Boy!’ Hunter Connor & Family, Ardrossan 07/01/2020

Puppy Workshop

'Great wee session. Lots of info and tips in the time totally dedicated to our wee Boux and a great steer for anyone like us with a new pup and a busy lifestyle. definitely recommend.' D&A Philipson , Galston 12/03/2020

'Stanley really did enjoy the session as did we. I think it is about confidence as much as anything and about knowing what to do if XYZ happens is an invaluable aid to training and is helping Stanley get the most out of his life too. We will definitely be keeping it up and have taken everything on board. Thanks so much Maya.' SF, Ayr 17/10/19

Single Session

'Glad we had the session as it was like working in a tunnel trying to work out the right thing o do with Pepsi and Duncan at times.  Now we have structure and a plan in place and a consistent approach to what to do - it definitely seems doable as you say. May thanks again and thanks for offering to stay in touch.'  G&DM, Troon 27/03/20


Anubis Distance Training

'Glad to have started the work. Dot and Dash are fantastic hounds and I love them dearly. They have distinctively different personalities which can be challenging but I would not have it any other way. Looking forward to continuing.' CB, Ayr 19/01/20



'These little dogs have so much to withstand from their past it really is criminal and Sparky is such a good  dog and so loving. I am so happy you are there to help Maya and I really mean that.'   JS, Moscow, Galston, 16/01/2020

'Thanks Maya. Lots of new approaches and things to try so I will work on and let you know how it goes in a week.'  NB, Irvine, 21/01/2020

'Jasper resting after his first training session and looking as if he doesn't require any training at all!" A&PF, Prestwick 23/02/2020

'Jasper's outdoor session went as expected. The wee soul is very reactive towards other dogs - and he did not disappoint. At least Maya got to see him as he is - and the coping strategies given to us are superb - things we never would have thought of ourselves. Jasper responded well once he understood I am there to help him and to take charge when things get scary. When you see it from the dog's perspective things really do change for you as an owner and as a friend to your dog.So pleased we undertook this type of training and Maya is utterly fab too!'  A&PF, Prestwick, 08/03/2020

Anubis Distance Training

'Thank you so much for your time and clear explanations Maya. Dave has been absolutely perfect and he has not reacted to either my husband or either of my sons at all. He is better with our younger boy so we are having R feed Dave as you suggested so that he gets used to R being the giver of good things and is not a threat. Not forcing attention on Dave has been an excellent strategy because it is natural for children to want to get involved with the new dog, especially one as cute as Dave but given that he needs his own time and space, he is coming round  to us and playing with our resident dogs is helping too. Thanks again. Will keep in touch.' GM, ST Andrews, 03/03/2020

  Single Session    

'Stanley learning step by step not to be scared of females and nervous in general. Thanks for all the work Maya. We will get there and so will our boy.'  BH, Ardrossan, 28/02/2020



'Thanks for today. Explanations and information every step of the way are  very helpful. Glad to know you are on hand to help and that there is no rushing forward to next session before Kiri (or we) are ready! Thanks again.'  PNM, Sorn, 07/02/3020

Fab work. Learned so much in a short time and Alba is responding so well. We just have to keep it up – which we will do as the results are absolutely worth it.’ CM, Monkton, 08/01/2020

Single Session

'So informative and we learned so much about how to help our boy in all kinds of ways. The click training was superb and Robbie caught on  straight away - he is that clever. We need to keep everything up now and that we will do because we need him to be the best he can be. Thanks again"  R&EM, Mauchline, 16/01/2020  

Anubis Distance Training

'Fab! Thanks so much Maya. This is great. Starting today.' Will let you know how we get on.' AMB, Wales, 04/03/2020

'Great first session. Rupert was very well behaved - expect for at the end! We are all in and have started working and eagerly ready for session 2.'  The Armstrongs, Irvine, 11/12/2019

3 Session Programme

'Training gives us the tools to build a definite structure for the pups now and Rio can get some peace and quiet!  Everything makes sense and the pups do understand and respond.' E&HH, Ardrossan, 24/01/2020

'Great session and so much information - definitely worthwhile and  I do love the 'dog head' and 'Aunty Mary' scenarios - very relatable making it easy to understand how Buddy thinks. Booking more sessions and thanks again Maya.' FS, Ayr 15/02/2020

Puppy Workshop

'Super lesson Maya!.  I can see that understanding how Willow thinks is important to good training and when this is explained her behaviour does make sense.'  LG, Prestwick, 17/02/2020

'Look at me now Aunty Maya! I'm awesome!!'  Andy, Jean & Hugo Keggans  Gateshead, 28/02/2020