Maya McLaughlin ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac, MISAP,AMICAN
Maya Canine Behaviourist                   
 Always choose a trainer who loves what they do

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My lovely girl, Chika, was a 34 kilo pulling horse when I took her for walks. Got to the point I wasn't walking her for fear she would cause me to stumble and fall on my face. We met Maya while she was working with another couple with a strong dog. Maya was able to make our walks much more pleasant for us both in just a few sessions. Chika as a rescue dog and was quite scared of people but Maya was very gentle with her and she took to her immediately. I will not say Chika learned everything at first throw of the dice but Maya is a very patient trainer now Chika walks with me very well. Would not hesitate to recommend.

PS, Irvine  21/10/2016