Maya Rae McCallum ISCP, MISAP 

Helping dogs and people stay together


 Before Rescuing a Dog

Research! Research! Research!


How big the dog is likely to become

Exercise requirements. Can you cope with the needs of an energetic dog on a daily basis?

Potential health issues - genetic and generic

Good with other dogs - you may have a resident dog whose needs must also be considered

Can (s)he get along with other animals?

Does the breed have the propensity for prey drive – if you live in a rural area this could be challenging

Ongoing costs:

Adoption fee and any associated initial expenses

Food/toys/equipment such as crate if req, bed, blankets, harness, leash, winter jacket/car safety etc.

Vet bills for routine checks inc. vaccinations, worm & flea treatments


Grooming if required

Daily dog walking if appropriate

Unplanned expenses:

Vet care due to accident, illness, dental treatment or something else

Behavioural training cost 

Group training work/agility classes 

Holiday respite

Whether you are adopting a  dog from the UK or from overseas please remember:

The dog may have come from a harsh environment but this does not mean he will necessarily be grateful to you for the loving and safe home you are providing. This is not his normal environment, he may well be traumatised following hours or even days of uncomfortable and stressful travel.

He has no idea whether he is with you for a little while, will be moved on again or even back to the environment he came from.

If he snaps for food/toys/attention please remember that such high-value resources were scarce at best or non-existent at worse in his previous environment

If he barks constantly/when someone new visits/ displays red zone behaviours remember he is defaulting to an established pattern of behaviour and if you feel overwhelmed you can enlist the aid of a qualified behavioural professional.

All of the above being said, if you do opt for the rescue route please know that your input as handler, dog parent, friend and nurturer is vital in helping your dog settle in. If you decide rescuing is too much of a challenge at this juncture that is ok too.

Well done for your consideration and putting the needs of the dog first!