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Always Choose a Trainer Who Loves What They Do 

In addition to my coverage of Ayrshire, Renfrewshire and Glasgow South, the past 12 months has seen an upsurge in clients travelling to Ayrshire to see me from Northumberland, Derby, Aberdeen, Fife and the Western Isles because they want behavioural help for their dogs. Whilst this is absolutely wonderful and a great boost for both the business and to me personally it has made me aware of those dog guardians who would like to use my service but who feel either distance or personal circumstances make booking sessions difficult. This in turn made me think about the dogs of these good people who may not be receiving help and that made me think of other ways I can scope my business to include a wider range of users.

So, after careful thought, deliberation and research into workability…



45 minute telephone or Skype consultation

helping you to help your dog


Please note: Anubis Distance Training has been created for training in/out a single behaviour. 

Dogs displaying aggression/ prey drive/ OCD/PTSD and other extreme or longstanding behaviours should always be seen in person.