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Guiding Your Dog  Through the Pandemic

 Dogs are creatures of habit. They enjoy routine and knowing what comes next. ‘When Dad puts on that jacket it means a walk is coming!’ ‘When Mum wears those shoes yippee it’s outside time!’ It’s how the canine brain works.

Whilst we all enjoy a break from the norm, when a dog’s daily routine is disrupted for any length of time it can lead to behavioural issues which may start off as small problems but, if not addressed, can quickly build into a negative pattern of behaviour

Due to the  coronavirus pandemic and the huge changes this has caused in households across the country, (although Fluffy is delighted you are at home with him more often right now!) However in terms of behaviour, the disruption in canine daily routine, along with extended periods at home can cause the onset of increased barking, resource guarding, displays of anxiety or nervous behaviours, over-bonding or reactivity.

In an effort to assist dog owners during what could quite possibly be a long haul and to avoid a deluge of serious canine behavioural issues when the pandemic is over I am offering distance training at LESS THAN HALF PRICE for as long as lockdown is in force.

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