Maya McLaughlin Canine Behaviourist & Trainer
                     Always choose a trainer who loves what they do

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As a committed dog carer you will no doubt want the best for your canine companion and good behaviour is integral to the happy relationship between you and your dog.

You want your dog to be able to go anywhere without causing you embarrassment, stress or worry or that he will run away.

You want to be able to leave the house without fear he will chew up the furniture or annoy the neighbours with barking or whining.

You want your dog to greet people and other dogs without jumping up and lunging.

You want to protect your dog and others if he is exhibiting aggression towards people or other dogs.

You want your dog to be calm, confident and happy!

Just like people, dogs respond best in a positive, kind and fun environment  so you will find my practice uses only progressive techniques designed to help both your dog and you towards a happier future together. All techniques practiced by me are compassionate, non-intrusive and are based on positive reinforcement.

All breeds of dogs benefit from positive behaviour training so whether your dog is a pup, mature, elderly or a rescue he can be guided towards exchanging unwanted conduct for positive behaviour giving both him and you a  more fulfilling life together.


Maya certainly knows what she's doing - she's upfront and straight forward, and literally just in the two hours we learnt so much to help our boy be the best he can be and saw a difference in him. 

SL, Ayr, 1/3/2018

                   'Thank you Maya. Puppy Workshop is great for
                    those of us with new pups who are looking
                   to do things the right way.'
LY, Troon 14/05/2018


Wasn't sure what to expect but we enjoyed Baxter's first session with you. Lots to learn and implement Maya. Really looking forward to moving forward with him now. Will keep you updated. Many thanks, A&AL, Irvine 21/04/2018

Initially felt as though I'd lost my  way a bit with Skye but things do make perfect sense now. I will be practicing what we learned today and look forward to future sessions.
AA, Saltcoats, 15/04/2018
'Akamaru is doing amazing. He's a really smart puppy and knows all his commands (except lay down haha) he's brilliant on the leash now, and he even walks without the leash' CH, Mauchline 19/05/2018                               

'I love this type of training and  Hudson loves it too! I can see 50% improvement in the biting and in the toilet training in the space of days and Hudson is not stressed with the changes or with the training methods and that is the best thing of all Thanks Maya for your patience in showing me what to do.'
MG, Ayr 02/05/2018


'Very informative and useful and we are well on the way to solving the bitey problem thanks to the session with you.'

LB, Cumnock 05/05/2018

                                    Haggis & Neeps

                              Haggis has started to be more assertive

                              now and it is great to see. Thanks so much!

                              BM, Maybole 09/01/2018

I've now had 2 nights bark free
                                    MC, Troon 11/01/2018


Bailey is doing great! Am able to leave him for a hour now without him stressing or showing anxiety at all . I am slowly lengthening the time and going at Bailey's own pace as you suggest. Bailey is happier and I am happier too. Thank you so much!

EB, Dundonald 19/02/2018

Thank you muchly!
JS, Dreghorn, 27/02/2018


Both Colin & I feel very positive about training now we know what we are doing with Otto. Otto has had 3 training outings since we got home and he didn't get worked up at all - just a wee bark at a person and a sheep. Once again thank you so much for your help. M&C Lewis, Castle Douglas, 23/03/2018

                                             Celine & Chloe                      
                  Thanks for today Maya! For girls who have never been trained
                 before I feel they are already starting to listen and I learned such
                a lot from the first session. Loving the aftercare support too. 

LT, Newton Mearns, 30/04/2018                              
                                               Olive & Lacey
  'Thanks for your advice and help. I'm finding it very
                       helpful and will keep using the steps you advised. I
                       will definitely keep in touch. Thanks again Maya!'
                        HW, Maybole 19/04/2018


                   'Rocco is a super pup and I'm glad to get his issues under

                   control now. I feel more confident in dealing with Rocco now

                   that I have the knowledge and information to help him properly. 

                   Sessions are very hands-on and Maya gives lots of hints and

                   tips to help so you don't feel lost.'

                   MT, Kilwinning, 07/05/2018


'Toaty has been training with Maya since he was a pup and here
                   he is now at 10-months being a very good boy indeed. Seriously,
                   thanks for everything Maya - you're a star!'
BM, Maybole 10/05/2018
                     My boy is doing perfect recall!!BM, Maybole, 24/05/2018

  We want to start Cooper off in the right way and Puppy Workshop is fantastic for doing just that. Learned such a lot. Thank you! KM, Troon 28/01/2018

Romeo Chihuahua in his wedding suit.

I worked with him to help him succeed in his very important job as Ringbearer at his Mum and Dad's wedding at Seamill Hydro (Sep 2016)
    Spot the tiny Ringbearer
                        Tom                                           Kovu
'Left Tom for the past 3 mornings                      'Service-pup-in-training 4-mth-old
and the house was still intact.
                           Kovu is being the Very Good Boy
Not bad at all!' 

CW, Irvine 27/01/2018

First class professional service. Maya has gone out her way with problems my end putting back training. She's went above & beyond what was asked. Fantastic trainer who knows her stuff!! Thanks for all your time, patience, understanding & help. My temperamental bulldog now under control & happy.         
BM, Maybole 09/01/2018


Hi Maya things are going well. Elsie is doing great in the house and on walks now. Delighted! LW Cumnock 29/01/2018      


                Louie                                                Miska
Very worthwhile session ,interesting           Thank you for the help and the Puppy and informative. I'm sure we are on            Workshop we are already doing what
the right track with Louie now and             what you said and Miska is
thank you so much for your help.                responding very quickly.
MC, Ayr 13/04/2018                             NP, Stevenston 11/04/2018

                                             Molly & Tilly

Hi Maya they are much better out their walks. Tilly likes her flirt pole. They aren't barking as much so it is easier out on walks. All is good! x  CS, Ayr 15/01/2018


'Recall coming on great now we know what to do. Skye is a clever girl and a very quick learner so I'm glad we are on the right track now. Can't wait for next session!' S&RA, Saltcoats, 20/05/2018