Maya McLaughlin Canine Behaviourist & Trainer
                     Always choose a trainer who loves what they do

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The Cost

One-to-one training  with you and your dog comes at a cost of £95 per session:
£25 non-refundable deposit to be paid at the time of booking your slot
£70 balance to be paid at the session

Sessions can be carried out at the dog's home or at mine, as appropriate. 
Each session lasts  2-hours and involves assessing the current situation and exploring the underlying cause to create a workable behavioural and training plan tailored to the needs of your dog which include:

Observational work in order to:
      (i)     get to know the dog
      (ii)    identify behaviour

Creating a Personalised Behavioural Training Programme (PBTP) designed to extinguish existing patterns of behaviour and replace these with new more appropriate behaviour standards

Professional recommendations

Practical hands-on help and advice

Hints and tips

3-month post-session email/phone support